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from by Sad Dog



The turtle popped his head out of his shell.
Birdys sing their song like a tinkling bell.
The rabbit eats the carrot and likes to have fun
Puppies like to bark and play in the sun.
Worms come out and wiggle in the rain.
The prancing pony has a really pretty mane.
Mother nature smiles as her creatures grow up.
Are we done yet? I wanna shoot up.


The turtle popped his head out of his shell. I don’t know why my life is hell.
The rabbit ate the carrot like i’ll eat my gun. I don’t know what my life’s become.
Worms come out and wiggle in my brain. Only the needle can dull my pain.
Come on kids, grab your coats. My only hope is an overdose.

The frog sat on the log and i took a big shit(x4)


What have our lives become. This used to be fun.

This used to be fun.
Teachers didn’t warn us about the way the world is run
You’ll always have each other but...
You have until 18, to know what you want to be

This used to be fun.
We had high hopes but now our dreams are fucked and shot and done.
You’re life is really gonna suck.
If you don’t turn things around you’ll be shit out of luck.


from We're Sad, released June 22, 2017



all rights reserved


sweat Fucking, Austria

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